September 21, 2005

Well I never thought....

Well, I never thought this time would come, but it did .Yes, I did something yesterday… and today that I thought I would never do. I actually stuck my finger in my eye (several times)… why you ask???? Well so I could put a foreign object in my eye.

Yes you probably have guessed by now, I got my first set of contact lenses yesterday and well the experience was challenging but actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. But I guess when you have the strong desire to do something or you are motivated by a great need well that gives you the courage to do things that you thought you would never do.

And well I really got tired of putting my glasses off and on and off and on again ALL DAY LONG. And I got tired of changing glasses for my computer work and different ones to read; and the bifocals well that was just another problem in itself. And I didn’t even mention the wearing sunglasses that was a whole other thing.

But the contacts… well kind of creepy and kind of weird, but kind of cool. They said that it would take time to adjust so I will give it time. But right now nothing is really clear, but at the same time I can see and read every thing.  Well I will keep you up dated on the progress.


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