December 12, 2008

Update on the Boot...

Just a quick update on the boot situation. Well I fired my foot doctor and found a great one.

I was informed (by the new doctor) that I would be in the boot for a few more weeks and it will not be totally healed for about three months. I need to make sure that I allow it to heal. She has me on a stronger anti-inflammatory medication and I am going to physical therapy.

It seems that the course of action when I first reported the pain in my foot... the cortisone shots... caused the rupture of the planter facia. Even though I informed the first doctor that I felt remarkably better, he insisted that I get another injection of cortisone (and then another).

It seems you can only have three cortisone shot in a calendar year, but it is imperative that you space them out (no closer then 6 weeks). He (the first doctor) gave me three cortisone shot (yes three) in a two month period. And on my last visit he told me that he wanted to save the last shot for later if needed. When I reminded him that he already gave me three, he said... I did?

I hobbled out as quickly as I could and never looked back. The new doctor said that the frequency of the previous three shots weaken the tissue and that is probably what caused the rupture of the facia. So thanks to the first idiot I have a prolonged time in the boot.

Ba Humbug!!!!

The only good news, if you can fine good news, is that it didn't just rip (because of old age) as I previously thought; it was the treatment. Oh well, gift cards all around.