November 27, 2008

The ending of yet another...

Another Thanksgiving put to bed. All in all, it was a nice day (other than the fact that I was wearing this boot, it really slowed me down).

But for some reason today I spent a lot of time thinking about the ones that are no longer with us: brother Alvin, cousin Susan, and of course my dad.

I think my dad was so close by today because he was the one that taught me how to carve a turkey. I used to watch him as I grew and every Thanksgiving and Christmas he would carve and I would help... well he made me feel like I was helping. And he would always pick me out a nice piece of white meat and dip it in the gravy and ask me to taste it... to make sure it was good. Even the little jobs he had me do made me feel so special.

I miss you dad, happy Thanksgiving... I am Thankful for you.