December 10, 2008

Justice Served...

You know how crazy people get around Christmas and their driving shows the stress and craziness. but sometimes there is just an idiot or two on the road that just make you stop ans say... Where are the police when you need them?

Yesterday, I witnessed a crazy nut driving one of those big pickup trucks; you know the one... loud and about four feet off the ground. Well he was tailgating and driving from lane to lane and just scaring everyone on the road. As we drove out of Visalia I said to myself: where is a cop when you need one?

To my surprise (and delight) I watched him swerve around yet another car as he took off leaving all of us in his dust. But alas, there in the distance I saw a motorcycle cop pull out from behind a house and pulled him over... I was so very happy.

YEAH, Highway Patrol guy, you did good.