October 02, 2006

New position... or new perspective

Well I have completed approximately a month and a half at my new position as Division Chair. I find the position extremely challenging and also time consuming. There are many menial tasks that need my attention EVERYDAY, but having said that, I must admit that I enjoy the task of prioritizing, organizing and managing the division.

This presents a bit of a quandary because you see I also enjoy teaching and these two major tasks in my life make me feel like I am not doing justice to either. For me, there is a very different mindset for each of these duties. Just when I get into the swing of managing it is time to teach and vice a versa.

I know that many instructors/division chairs would probably disagree with me, but so far for me it is frustrating to go back and forth all week long. I will reserve my final evaluation after I have completed my first semester. Of course the way things are going that will be sooner rather then later.