June 11, 2010


OK I am feeling lost without the thought or anticipation of another episode. I have re-watched the final 3 shows and I like the way it ended. I didn't at first, because I was trying to make it all make sense... life as we know it.

But it has never been life as we know it, We have had flash forwards and flashbacks and then the final season flash sideways. We have had the smoke monster and people who live long, long lives. So to make life be normal well that was not going to happen. Once I came to grips with that, the ending was cool. All (well most) of my favorites got back together with the ones that loved, and were safe... moving on to better things.

One last observation... I have watched all of the last two seasons over the past few months, well actually most of the show when I was re cupping from my minor surgery over Christmas and I notices that almost EVERYONE who died on the island died with their eyes open. There was always someone (mostly Jack) closing the eyes of the ones who have died. And... the end, Jack dies and he was one (or perhaps the only) one that died with his eyes closing. Very interesting.