April 10, 2010

Why, why do we do this????

I am appalled at the attention Tiger Woods is getting just because he decided to get back to golf. He cheated on his lovely wife and childen and is sorry only because he got caught.

OK I know that all this is private and I think it should be, but I think it is disgraceful to hear of the cheers he is getting; people are happy that he is returning to golf because people think he is the greatest golfer ever... well yes, maybe but he is the greatest golfer ever but he is also the one that cheated on his wife (with many and often).

It is just crazy who we choose to emulate, as it was said in that movie Hud, the makeup of the country slowly changes because of the people we choose to admire.

I think a few boos would be in order...Quite a few. Go Phil, boo Tiger.