November 22, 2009

November 22nd..

You know, I was sitting here and I had a thought... it happens.

If we raise our kids correctly and give them opportunities that perhaps we didn't have; there comes a time when we begin to go to them for advice. I am not sure when it happens or where it happens; I just know... it happens.

I know it happened to my mother. More and more as she got older; and yes, I see it is happening to me too. My daughter's brain in newer and fresher and hopefully clearer, so there are times when her logic is clearer. I know this bothers some people but I appreciate the opportunity to go to Andrea for her suggestion or advice and get her point of view.

Don't miss understand me, I am not saying I cannot make decisions anymore, NO just the opposite; what I am saying is there comes a time if/or when families grow together they can achieve synergism. A state when… well as Webster says… a condition such that the total effect is greater than sum of the individual effects.

Some of you skeptics are saying yes that is what is supposed to happen. To which I reply… Yes it should happen, but rarely happens instead of growing in synergy you get family and friends that burden you or don’t take your advice, even though you know it is best for them. So I feel that relationship is in opposition to this state of synergy.

Well I didn’t mean to get carried away; I just wanted to say I am thankful today for my daughter and her presence in my life and the synergy we create in our family. She shares with me and of course I share my experience and wisdom with her, and together we are stronger and smarter than we would be alone. That is the true definition of family.