November 18, 2009

November 18

Good deed.
As I mentioned in an earlier post I have sinusitis and (to say the least) I have not been feeling well. My husband wanted to get me some Jelly Bellies to help me feel better, because my throat was sore.

So he stopped at the mall and when to the candy store and picked out some of the different flavors. He got two scoops of this and two scoops of that. When he was all done he went to the counter and the girl rang up his sale and she looked at him and said That will be $51.00.

To which he replied, Fifty one dollars... for a bag of jelly beans?, She said, you have quite a lot here.

Even at $51.00 he brought home jelly bellies for me. Thank you honey, my throat is feeling much better, you are the greatest.

Now can you help me find something that will clear my sinuses?