August 31, 2009

Love my new Coffeemaker...

Well for my birthday Santa bought me a very cool new coffeemaker KEURIG. Since my mother passed away, I would make a 1/2 a pot of coffee and proceeded to drink it throughout the day and then dumped out a few cups each night.

Now, I have this great new thing that just brews (fresh Brews) one cup of coffee at a time. So... every time I want a cup its hot, its fresh and its strong. You just place these shot glass size cups of neatly packed grounds called k cups and it does the rest. It pokes a hole in the top and the bottom of this thing and forces the hot water through. No coffee grounds on the counter, no wet grounds to dispose of, just grab the k-cup and toss.

The room is soon filled with the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed cup of joe. check it out... I love it!