May 08, 2009

Tough Few weeks...

Well it has been a tough few weeks for me which may explain my migraine headaches. I have been doing really good since the doctor adjusted my meds in February. I am thinking maybe two migraines (counting this one).

But with my mother's birthday May 2nd, my father's birthday May 8th and Mother's Day this Sunday, a lot of feelings and thoughts are occupying my thought process. And although my brothers birthday is in November, he and cousin Susan have also been popping up there as well.

Some days it is just incomprehensible to think we will not see any of them again in this life. Actually as Andrea and I visited my mother's grave last Sunday, I thought we should be celebrating their new birth days.. to their new beginning, not this one. I don't think they are really concerned with this earthly birth anymore; it is the new one they are celebrating (I am sure).

But for us Earth bound creatures... Happy Birthday mom and dad and Happy mothers Day as well. Thank you for being their for me... for us. Your lessons, your examples and your teaching will remain with us forever.