May 29, 2009

No Calm in the Storm....

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I went into the pool this season. The new pool cover was working well and the water was a comfortable 88-89 degrees. Walk (or jump) right in water temp. And that is what I did, it was very refreshing you see we are having trouble with our upstairs AC unit and as the temp would rise so would my frustration.

So I had a refreshing 40 minutes or so. After coming in and showering I returned to my computer and returned to my task at hand... getting the site ready for my summer school class. Tony had gone back to school for an awards night so the house was quite. Then I looked up and out the window and noticed... everything was dark, a dirty dark; the wind was blowing and the sky was full of clouds.

Then the sky began to light up with continuous lightening strokes. I had the misfortune to be out in this weather, running an errand with a friend. The wind was blowing and hard, things were flying everywhere, shaking the car we were in. Then it started to rain and I am talking a heavy, big drop rain, flash flood rain. And with the wind, the rain was coming in at an angle.

In my 55 years on this earth, I never experienced such an intense 2-3 hour storm as this one. Continuous lightening, not lightening then a little thunder, then another lightening... NO it was lightening, lightening, lightening bam bam bam; continuous for 2hours at least.

Then... as quickly as it came, it calmly left. The rain was gone and the lightening stopped, I was able to open the windows for the night. This morning things were a mess around here and by here I mean the valley. Fences down, trees down, umbrellas every where... one of ours was in the pool, the pool cover was crumpled in the corner of the yard and there was a 1/2 inch layer of dust and dirt in the entire bottom of the pool. Yes, the same pool I swam in just a few hours earlier. The crystal clear water now had debris and dust and dirt everywhere.

Same thing in the house, on the tables, in the window jam... a layer of dust everywhere. Well today is Friday, so the cleaning lady is here, the gardeners just left and between all of us, we are getting things back to normal around here. But this storm will not soon be forgotten.