November 01, 2007

Update on mom

Well my mother has been battling ovarian cancer. And is doing her second round of Chemo. This time around the treatments have been knocking her down more them last time. But today we got some good news, her CA 125 marker is down in the normal range. YEAH!!!!

Just to put this in perspective... When she was first diagnoised her CA125 marker was 680. After surgery and 6 chemo treatments we got it back down to the normal range (0-35). Then a few months ago she was tested and her count was 79, then 2 weeks later it was 96, then a week later it was 117; so we knew that the cancer was on the war path again. But we are thankful that with this blood test (CA125) we can keep a check on the active cancer cells.

Oh yes, the blood test last week revealed that her marker is back in the normal range... she is 29.4.


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