October 30, 2007

Winter Cometh with a Vengence

Well we have been experiencing some extremely warm (very nice) spring like days. With the temp dropping a few degrees each day no drastic change, and then just when we think it is starting to turn to winter we spring back into the 80's a very comfortable place to be.

Then yesterday, we were suddenly hit with an extreme storm that seemed to surprise everyone. There were warnings on the TV and radio and boy they were not kidding; wind and rain and thunder and lightening like I have never seen. It was continuous for about 25/30 minutes just beating down on us. And winds oh yes winds of up to 60 miles an hour.

When we woke this morning, it was still cloudy and cold, summer (and spring) were gone and this time it looks like it is gone for good.

Break out the sweats and hot chocolate, winter has arrived.