March 03, 2007

One Month

Well today it is one month that my brother had his heart attack. I still go through periods of time when I just can not believe that he is gone... it just can not be. Be in reality he is gone, gone on to the next realm.

You know, Alvin worked hard when he worked. He was not afraid of hard work. Whatever we had for him to do... he found a way to accomplish it. But I guess we can also say that he was semi-retired for most of his adult life (at least from age 30 and on). He didn't work more then he needed and it didn't take much for him to be content so he was happy most of the time.

He was quite and gentle and liked to go with the flow, didn't often make a wave. Because of this quite gentle spirit he was often not a part of all that went on, or didn't seem to be. But even with all that... I miss him, I miss him a lot.

I Love you my brother, thank you for being a good brother and for being a part of my life for 53 years. I miss you and I regret that we did not get to see you before you died. I hope that God sent his angels to guide you to your new home. We will always miss you and love you... More then you will ever know.