December 31, 2001

Wow-Here we are the last day of the year...It just seems like yestersday we were doing this. Time is an interesting thing, the older I get and the more precious I think time is, the faster it seems to pass by.

2001 was a good year. It is time to make a list... mentally or on paper, (I think on paper has more of an impact on reality) of all the things we are thankful for that happened in our lives this past year. A couple of days ago I hinted at general things, now is the time to make a very specific list. And how much did we play a role in what happened? Did we control our destiny or did it control us?

And part B list what things do we want to see for ourselves in 2002? and how much if any can we control them? How much is in God's control? How much can we influence them by our actions or deeds?
"I past this way but once...any good that I may do, let me do it now, for I past this way but once" ( not sure if I quoted that correctly, but the meaning is there).

Time to contemplate the passing of time....