December 29, 2001

You know, as I was reflecting on the last year’s events and of course September 11th I inventoried those few weeks in my life because life truly changed for me that month in many many ways. I don’t know if I see the world differently because it is or it is because I see it differently.

September 2001 will be long remembered in the hearts and minds of people everywhere; and for me, it has been an even deeper loss. On September 27 I lost someone very special to me and it is sometimes funny how the Lord works because on that same day someone very different but just as special walked into my life and has become a very special part of my circle of friends and has helped fill the emptiness. I have been blessed with special Friends and I am Thankful.

But now is the time to reflect and remember and make changes to our lives so that each day that we have here on this earth is filled with meaning and love.
Clean Slate, start fresh, begin a new… What changes will we make in our lives this year?